Jesus is our statement of faith.

What exactly does that mean?

1. The Lordship of Jesus: This statement acknowledges Jesus Christ as the central figure, and Lord, of the Christian faith. It affirms the belief that Jesus is not merely a historical figure or a great teacher, but the Son of God and the Savior of humanity.
2. Salvation Through Christ: It underscores the Christian belief that salvation comes only through faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus' life, death, and resurrection provide the means for reconciliation with God and the forgiveness of sins.
3. Theology and Doctrine: This statement encapsulates the core theological doctrines of Christianity, including the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and the deity of Christ. It affirms that Jesus is the embodiment of God's love, grace, and truth.
4. Guidance and Example:  Jesus serves as a model for how to live a righteous and compassionate life. His teachings and actions in the Gospels provide guidance for believers in their daily walk with God.
5. Faith and Trust: This statement emphasizes the importance of faith and trust in Jesus as the cornerstone of one's belief system. It highlights the Christian conviction that faith in Christ is essential for salvation and a transformed life.
6. Unity in Christ: It underscores the unifying factor among Christians worldwide. Despite denominational differences and theological variations, believers can find common ground in their faith in Jesus Christ.
7. Mission and Purpose: Believing that Jesus is the statement of faith motivates Christians to share the message of Christ's love, redemption, and hope with others. It drives them to live out their faith by serving and loving others as Jesus did.

In summary, "Jesus is our statement of faith" encapsulates the belief that Jesus Christ is the central and defining figure of our faith. It encompasses salvation, doctrine, ethics, and the very essence of what it means to be a follower of Christ. This statement serves as a reminder of the foundational tenets of Christianity and the profound impact of Jesus in the lives of believers.

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"What Do You Seek?"

Embark on a journey of discovery as we begin to answer the question Jesus asks His first disciples, "What do you seek?" for ourselves. Is our walk with the Lord one rooted in what He can do for us? Or are we seeking all that He has made available for us through Him? Challenge yourself and ask the hard questions as you seek first His kingdom and righteousness to answer Jesus from a purified heart and renewed mind, "What do you Seek?"

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